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Trading with IQ Option

por bill fisher (2020-06-11)

Trading on the exchange for a person unprepared is a complicated and mysterious process. Indices live their lives, dozens of charts mean that it is unclear that multi-page manuals are more confusing than explained. This is the case on most trading floors. And yet, a lot of people go to the stock exchanges, because this is a real opportunity to make money.

In this review, I will tell you about a simple tool that allows even a beginner to break into the options trading market with all their might - IQ Option.


The broker of binary options IQ Option stands out from the crowd with its simplicity. This tool does not require professional knowledge and constant monitoring of the market situation, in fact the process is a simple betting - you need to guess how the price of an exchange asset will behave, will rise or fall.

In order to get familiar with trading binary options and available in IQ Option instruments, we offer a fully functional demo account with $1000. These funds are enough for a hundred trades even for the most unsuccessful broker, they will allow you to feel the system, find dependencies and develop a strategy - when to play, at what moment to bet, use binary or ultra-fast turbo mode.
The broker offers a demo account to open it, you do not need to make any money investments (read our instruction with pictures and comments on how to do it).

In order to learn how to trade, you will have 13 assets and when you open a demo account you will be able to view a webinar and get additional valuable information to help you trade. Given the feedback from traders about iqoption broker, this material can be very helpful and save you a lot of money.

A $10 bill already gives you a chance to try almost all of this binary options broker's options. You will have access to all 70 assets and will be able to receive up to a 45% refund on your option if you fail. This is something to pay special attention to, as not every broker offers a refund at all, and not everyone returns such a substantial amount.

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